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Roscor Cottage Adventures

Without leaving the cottage and its beautiful surroundings you can easily get lost in time and feel like you are getting to escape from the world.  There are many activities you can do that are simple, low tech and promote quality time with family and friends.  Here are some ideas on what you can do, of course you will have your own ideas on how to really enjoy 30 acres of wide open space.  We’d love for you to tag us on your social feeds if you are posting your Roscor Cottage adventures.

Camp under the Stars
You might not want to spend a week camping however it could be a great way to spend a night, think of this as a two centre break, luxury cottage and back to nature camping, a great combination especially for families who want to get that immersive outdoor experience.

Tent Pre Booking
Pre book our four bed tents and we will have them ready and waiting for you before you arrive.  Hire Cost Per Tent – £50.

Build a Den
The cottage farmland is well stocked with materials to build dens and hideouts.  Bring your engineering skills and imagination to the fore with a build like no other.  This is an activity that suits all ages and stages of life,  rewarding with lots of challenges, its a great way to channel energy especially for little ones.

Barbeque in the Secret Garden
The Secret Garden is a place we have created for you where you can enjoy an evening barbeque or lunchtime grill feast.  Our fire pit is ready and waiting for you to get started.  Late summer evenings are best spent outside and this is a great way to enjoy the uniqueness of Roscor Cottages Secret Garden.


Roscor Adventures


Roscor Cottage Shoreline Lounge
When do we get to sit and do absolutely nothing! To simply sit and take in our surroundings.  Our shoreline lounge is the perfect place to sit, relax, read a book, spot some wildlife, fish, skim stones, or just be.

Simple Adventures of Roscor Cottage
Muddy Advertures, Stream Walks or Long Grass Crawls,  these are all activities that bring children back to nature and adults back to childhood.  Best to pack a pair of wellies and some old clothes to enjoy these activities where you leave behind the worries of life and immerse yourself in nature, quite literally!

Looking forward to your visit!

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